About the Chefs

Our team sits around the table and dines like a family in order to exchange ideas and bring inspiration to our menus.
We have been around in Mykonos long enough to have access to the best products available, and it is a real privilege to be able to build every dish we serve around them, allowing us to offer exceptional services for exceptional people.
Dining in the privacy of your home should be comfortable, worry free, tasty and safe.
We make sure that all of the above is provided in all of our services combining our experience in private dining with our knowledge of the island and its local treasures.
Therefore sit back and relax… We do all the work, from shopping at the best local markets, cooking with love to serving with a smile and cleaning up your kitchen like pros.

We love what we do

For a truly memorable dining experience, cuisine and atmosphere are paired as thoughtfully as food and wine.
From special dinners, to parties, to cooking classes, we have been sharing our love of cooking for over 20 years.
We offer a unique & truly special private chef experience brought directly to you.
We combine a personal chef service with restaurant quality cuisine.


Alexandros Kyrtsalidis


PHONE: +30 694 715 3160

EMAIL: alex@chefsmykonos.com

My name is Alexandros Kyrtsalidis and I am a Greek born and raised chef living in Mykonos for the past 20 years. I am 40 years old and very proud to say I have been cooking for more than half my life.

Growing up in a big and loud Greek family taught me hands-on the importance of family gatherings that start in the morning around the bbq preparations and end when the sun goes down, drink in hand, amazing food on table, and a lifetime of memories and shared laughter.
I started my culinary journey early on and I am beyond happy that what has always been my passion, and one of my great joys in life, also became my profession. I have been a private chef working in villas for the last 15 years, and I have been lucky enough to travel the world cooking for families that came to Mykonos and loved every aspect of their experience.
My team and I are looking forward to welcoming you in Mykonos and helping you feel at home with our meals.

Angel Margaritis


PHONE: +30 697 297 3316

EMAIL: angel@chefsmykonos.com

Good food goes hand-in-hand with good memories, and that memorable experience is precisely what I aim at providing with every meal I cook.  I knew pretty early on that cooking was what interested me the most and wanted to find out as much as possible about tastes, ingredients and different cuisines. 

You can say I saw quite a bit of the world, but, really I think I tasted more than I saw. Each place I visited and each local dish I tried helped me discover where I want to be in terms of my cooking.
I have 10 years of experience as a private chef, travelling around the world and working both for restaurants and private clients (Mykonos, Monaco, Miami, New York, St Barths, Avon Colorado), each culinary project a valuable stop along the journey of the evolution of my cooking style. I define it as mainly Greek Mediterranean, with the twist that comes with upgrading local techniques and incorporating elements of the various cooking cultures I’ve immersed myself in during my travels.


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