We ask you to just sit back and think: you are in Mykonos on vacation, inviting friends and family over to your place for dinner or a party and…that’s basically it… nothing further to do! Yeap, this can be done by hiring us. Bringing in a private chef is like bringing a whole restaurant to your house minus the hustle. At the comfort of your home, we do all the shopping, come to your place, cook for you and your guests, serve you, and at the end we clean up. The menu is custom made based on your needs and preferences, so you can celebrateany special occasion with top quality food.

Read below the 4 + 1 reasons to book Chefs in Mykonos

1.A restaurant in the comfort of your home

Having two professionals cooking for you in your kitchen, you are absolutely sure that all the dishes will be expertly prepared, served in style and that your overall dining experience will be amazing. Every guest will enjoy high quality dishes with the best ingredients and you will have the chance to eat as locals, tas6ng so many different flavors.

2.Custom menu

We will work together on the menu depending on the type of your event. Our dietary knowledge and experience can help you define your desired menu. We always ask for your guests’ possible allergies or health issues and then we can make gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free dishes. You only have to choose the final menu among many core and alterna6ve dishes.

3.No cleaning up for you

Once the party is over, we wash the dishes and we clean up your kitchen space. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess, just have a good 6me with your loved ones.

4.Being a guest at your own party

The private dining experience includes your relaxa6on. While our team is preparing your dinner, you can spend some 6me with your friends without having any concerns. We offer you a personalized and laid-back experience from the booking process 6ll the end of your event. We can cook for a roman6c private dinner for two or for a large scale event, such as a wedding dinner, anniversary, birthday or bachelor party.

4+1Your custom drinking list

Our team except will design for you the wine and cocktail list based on and meant to complement the menu. You can have the wines and the spirits of your preference and also handcrafted cocktails, without paying huge markups as you would in famous restaurants. No matter what the occasion is make your booking now. It will be the first step to a great choice and unforgetable experiences.